Inside Our May/Jun 2020 Issue

Whether you are a regular reader or recently found us, we are glad you are here. We want to make sure that every sailor has some quality reading to enjoy during this time so we're giving our March/April, May/June, and July/August 2020 issues away for free. Enjoy!

May/June 2020 issue highlights:

  • An underway refit of a Pearson Ariel by Emily Greenberg
  • Ed Zacko installs an inner forestay and Jamie Gifford weighs in on hi-tech line
  • Thomas Misa reflects on the merits of sailing the Salish Sea and Great Lakes
  • Composting toilets from A to Z, by Jim Shell and Jerry Thompson
  • Allen Penticoff reviews the Watson 27 and Rob Mazza offers his design comparison
  • A new mainsail transforms Jon Keller’s Tartan
  • Plus: a hilarious oil change, frightened near Astoria, and exploring Lasqueti Island!

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