Inside Our May/June 2023 Issue

  • Follow along as an industrious college student embarks on an extensive refit of a rare steel sloop, making it her dream boat for coastal cruising adventures.
  • Find out why the old adage "Never Start a Voyage on a Friday" still rings true.
  • Go for a test sail on a Canadian Sailcraft 30, and learn what makes this slippery-hulled performance cruiser by Tony Castro an enduring design.
  • Grab a cup of coffee and take a late season sail through the Coast of Maine with a couple transitioning from passagemakers to cruisers.
  • Remind yourself why the tried and true art of heaving-to remains one of sailors most potent seamanship tactics.
  • Get the ins and outs of crafting a new Electrical Panel for your beloved boat.
  • Plus: Make your own rope hooks, set up an onboard movie theater, craft a more traditional interior with a tongue and groove hack, and a whole lot more...

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C&C Redline 41 MkI

A Canadian Classic with a Racing Redigree As I walked down the dock at the Ludington Yacht Club, racers milled about, flags snapped in the breeze, and halyards clanged against masts in a chaotic tempo. Out on Lake Michigan, the...


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