Inside Our September/October 2023 Issue

  • Go along for the ride on a small boat cruising adventure aboard a San Juan 21 through the Florida Keys.
  • Stave off the infamous “Red Queen Problem” by keeping up with the many chores and maintenance items on your boat.
  • Go for a test sail on a Vancouver 27 and learn what makes this capable cruiser such an enduring and popular design.
  • Enjoy the magic that happens when a wayward kestrel hitches a ride on a coastal hop.
  • Follow a young couple’s journey into boat ownership, through life as liveaboards, and then on a voyage from coast to coast.
  • Get the ins and outs of crafting new chainplates for your beloved boat.
  • Plus: Make your own hose and cord bags, set up a water bypass for your engine, find out which repair tapes work the best, and a whole lot more …

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