Inside Our November/December 2020 Issue

  • Rope! Rudy & Jill Sechez, Nic Compton, and Drew Frye explore the wonder of it
  • In part 1 of a 2-part story, Bert Vermeer circumnavigates Vancouver Island
  • Deborah Kelso discovers life as a shipwright
  • Fiona McGlynn gets to know designer Bob Perry in a fascinating sailor profile
  • Allen Penticoff reviews the Seaward 26RK, Rob Mazza offers his design comparison
  • An old friend is found derelict and then restored by Curt Weibe
  • Plus: tricing, a transducer elevator, and much more

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Denouncement in Design

A variety of factors contributed to the end of yacht design’s golden age. I recently finished reading Dick Carter’s autobiography, Dick Carter: Yacht Designer in the Golden Age of Offshore Racing. Beyond the story of...

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