Loosing tools in our tool bags, boxes or buckets is a common occurrence for many sailors. Where did that wrench go? Have you seen the small adjustable wrench?

Well, one of readers has a clever solution to help keep them organized. Here’s how Good Old Boat reader Charlie Carricarte keeps his wrenches sorted aboard: 

Wrenches of all shapes and sizes can be hard to organize and are prone to escaping into out-of-the-way nooks and crannies when they’re not kept together. To keep closed end wrenches and adjustable wrenches together, I string the looped ends through inexpensive aluminum carabiners.

For wrenches that have open ends on both sides, I use short lengths of Velcro to wrap them together. Some companies send these with cables, but you can also find suitable pieces of Velcro at hardware stores, chandleries, and even canvas shops.

Using carabiners and Velcro can also help separate metric and imperial sizes separate. With this method, I can easily keep them in order and they can all be carried together or throw into a tool box or bag. Also, they’re easy to access when I need them!

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