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Current issue highlights: Ontario 32 review, Bay Hen 21 review, Bluenose refit.

Speaking seriously: Soundproofing 101, The storm trysail, Reach the out of reach, Laminated wooden corners, The Lazarus dinghy, Automating a compass light, An anchor light on auto, Anchoring once and for all, Weightless water, The art and science of provisioning, Bringing Wind Wanderer up to snuff.

Lighter fare: Readers' favorite boat pictures, Barracuda's last breakout, Reflections: Slither me timbers!, Simple solutions: Marking anchor chain, Quick and Easys: A slick slot for sail slugs, Sport-Brella, and Disguising a speaker, Product launchings, The view from here: Hometown sailor or commuter sailor?

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January 2016 issue
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March 2016 issue
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100 Life Aboard Tips

It started out simply enough with a long list, compiled by world cruiser Marcie Lynn, of ideas for reusing pretty much everything aboard for new purposes. Recycling at its best! We could certainly identify with that. After all, what is a good old boat if not a sailboat that is being recycled by its current owners for many more years of great sailing?

Canvas Bucket tips

We've been posting Life Aboard Tips on Facebook and Twitter with the goal of posting at least 100. The number grows each week as we add a few more from Marcie and from subscribers and other sailors. They don't need to be recycling tips although there's a clear emphasis in that direction. All life aboard tips will do . . . so long as we can explain the concept briefly on Facebook and even more briefly on Twitter. Have you ever tried to communicate an idea in just 140 characters?

Come visit our Facebook site and our Twitter page to see the lists as they develop. While there, please add your own tips or email your ideas to karen@goodoldboat.com!

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