Inside Our November/December 2023 Issue

  • Revamp your galley with new countertops or a more practical sink.
  • Follow the process of reinsulating an old refrigeration box to keep your food and beverages cold, and your batteries happy.
  • Build a “galley multitool” cutting board that works in the marina, underway, or at anchor.
  • Plus, find these other galley solutions: Install a foot pump in the floor, create more efficient storage space, and make your own bubbly water aboard.
  • Also, go for a test sail on a 17-foot Com-Pac Sun Catand find out how the boat meets its mission of easy daysailing and overnighting in very shoal waters.
  • Feel the fiberglass dust in your hair as the late Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘70s-era Ericson gets a proper rig and hull refit.
  • Read about an ill-fated voyage home that teaches a young family lessons in seamanship and community spirit.
  • And join a journey through three Great Lakes to get a beloved boat to a new home port.

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