Inside Our September/October 2022 Issue

  • Herb McCormick shares how sailboats and writing have fostered a longtime friendship that continues with a new-to-him Pearson 365
  • Learn how Lin Pardey uses simple “mast loops” to keep coils of line organized around the mast
  • Take a ride on a venerable Bristol Channel Cutter, which harkens back to traditional European sailing craft of the 19th century
  • Try some of John Vigor’s favorite onboard recipes inspired by voyagers and suitable for a good old boat’s chef
  • D.B. Davies reminds us all of The Sailor’s Code, when someone needs help, you help them
  • Plus: Craft a new headliner, repair a leaky hatch, rebed deck hardware, and much more

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Getting Loopy

Simple to make, mast loops keep halyard ends tidy and secure. I’ve been looking around at all the...

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Little Wings

For six-time circumnavigator Webb Chiles, small boats are bluewater revelations. I have owned...

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