Author: Carolyn Corbett

Saving Sailing: Book Review

Nick Hayes, a market researcher, interviewed over 1,000 sailors and would-be sailors between 2003 and 2009 to gather material for this book. According to his figures, fewer than 1% of Americans are self-described sailors today....

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The Galley: Book Review

The short version of this review? Buy the book. It is comprehensive. Applicable. Balanced. Informative. Understandable. If you prefer further details, read on. Author Donald Launer tells readers that The Galley: How Things Work...

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Voices on the Wind: Book Review

“I grieve over the homogenization of people in the name of globalization, and hope that there will always be pockets of richness like jewels waiting for those who are willing to explore.” Bonnie McGee spent 4½ years circling the...

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Mary’s Voyage: Book Review

Mary? Mary who? Remember Desperate Voyage, John Caldwell’s well-known book about his ill-fated solo voyage? When World War II ended, John left Panama headed for Australia and Mary, his wife. With zero sailing experience under...

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Working Rope: Book Review

“It is the intent of this book,” the authors write, “to demystify and standardize braided rope splicing …We have done our best to avoid illustration shortcuts, so that every step is as clear as it can be; and...

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