Author: Durkee Richards

Weather in Pictures

Follow up on Installing a Chart Plotter at the Binnacle, from our May 2013 Issue. When I decided to subscribe to a satellite weather service (XM WX Satellite Weather), I found that a simple connection into my existing chart...

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The Saga of Invictus

This a followup to Durkee Richards’ article “A Boat Explodes” in the July 2012 issue. by Durkee Richards When the boat next door explodes . . . Catherine Bilyard described Invictus, their Shannon 38 ketch, as “a boat with...

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Brion Toss, Master Rigger

A close look at a modern practitioner of a very old trade by Durkee Richards Pictured above, Brion inspects the shroud terminals on Ono, a Mariner 60. His voice had an easy, reassuring, and ageless quality about it. Brion Toss...

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