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January/February  2022 Issue Highlights

  • Meet new Good Old Boat Editor Andy Cross
  • Marissa and Chris Neely replace a leaky toerail with beautiful new bulwarks
  • Vivian Vuong is breaking barriers in the sailing community
  • The Hunter 260 gets a review from Allen Penticoff
  • Bradley Stevens outsmarts a defunct solar vent
  • Good Old Boat founder Karen Larson remembers designer and contributor Ted Brewer
  • Plus: A continuing sailing adventure in Southeast Alaska, two stories about “sailing” through winter in Canada (hint—there’s ice hockey!), dealing with scale in a head hose, keeping your mast groove clean and fast, and much more…

March/April  2022 Issue Highlights

  • Get the ins-and-outs of repowering your boat with an inboard or outboard electric motor
  • Follow a Mason 40 owner through a full electric motor installation
  • Take a voyage with contributor David Blake Fischer to California’s Channel Islands
  • Step aboard a classic Pearson 39 for a review
  • Go along for the ride on a college sailing class in Florida Keys
  • Plus: Learn to recut a spinnaker, hoist your dinghy easier, put together a simple holding tank alarm, and so much more…

May/June  2022 Issue Highlights

  • From insurance basics to the state of the industry, get the ins-and-outs of insuring your good old boat
  • Follow a revived, California-based Cal 25 take on the competition and win Nationals on the Chesapeake Bay
  • Sail with contributor Chris Birch to the Bay of Fundy and St. John’s River on his Morris Justine 36
  • Take a ride aboard a classic Ericson 41 for a review
  • Learn about the anatomy of a lighting strike to your sailboat and what you can do to prevent it
  • Plus: Build your own sea boot warmer, repair your cabin sole, keep your engine from overheating, and much more…

July/August  2022 Issue Highlights

  • “The Beauty of Small Boats” is the theme for this issue and we have some captivating and practical articles in store for you
  • Webb Chiles shares what compelled him to choose an 18-foot Drascombe Lugger yawl and a Moore 24 for circumnavigations
  • Sail north up Puget Sound with Ferd Johns aboard his Sanibel 18 on the Salish 100 small boat cruise
  • Learn about a clever little catamaran with cruising capabilities — the Hirondelle 23
  • Good Old Boat contributor Ed Zacko finds trailer-sailing success aboard his Lyle Hess designed Nor’Sea 27
  • If one Bristol Channel Cutter wasn’t enough, Nica Waters explains how her and husband, Jeremy, came to own two
  • Plus: How to find boat ramps near you, build a new pump handle for your head, convert your ice box to a fridge, and much more…

September/October  2022 Issue Highlights

  • Herb McCormick shares how sailboats and writing have fostered a longtime friendship that continues with a new-to-him Pearson 365
  • Learn how Lin Pardey uses simple “mast loops” to keep coils of line organized around the mast
  • Take a ride on a venerable Bristol Channel Cutter, which harkens back to traditional European sailing craft of the 19th century
  • Try some of John Vigor’s favorite onboard recipes inspired by voyagers and suitable for a good old boat’s chef
  • D.B. Davies reminds us all of The Sailor’s Code, when someone needs help, you help them
  • Plus: Craft a new headliner, repair a leaky hatch, rebed deck hardware, and much more…

November/December  2022 Issue Highlights

  • The Nov/Dec issue has a Canvas and Sailmaking theme with tips, tricks and stories to provide inspiration and spark your DIY ingenuity.
  • Take a trip back to the founding of, Sailrite, a family business that ignited a DIY sail- and canvas-making revolution.
  • Step aboard and test sail a venerable Finish-built Nauticat 40 and find out what sets this S&S designed motorsailer apart from its peers.
  • What are the right questions to ask when choosing a canvas shop? Breena Litzenberger has the answers in her feature Canvas Keys.
  • Learn how to craft your own Jordan Series Drogue from an old sail.
  • Plus: Get easy sail repair tips, use a Speedy Stitch tool, add glue-on studs, peruse our Gift Guide and a whole lot more…

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