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January/February 2017  Issue Highlights

Review boats:  Downeaster 38 and Hunter 20
Speaking seriously:   Spotlight on transom-hung rudder failures  —  Reclaim deck stowage space for the aft cabin stateroom — Make a leecloth from old sail cloth  —  Sew a handrail cover  —  Replace the entire plumbing system  —  Give your leaking teak decking the heave-ho.
Lighter fare:  Living the dream means coping with the occasional nightmare  —  Might good old boats be the next classics?   —  Reliving the memories  —  A creative fix for an irreplaceable piece of hardware  —  Vacuum-packing eases cushion stuffing  —  A no-spill oil filter change  —  A very helpful “nut job.”
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March/April 2017 Issue Highlights

Review boat:  O’Day 25
Speaking seriously:  Feature Boat and Design comparison for the Aloha 34  —  Sprits and Spars: a new bowsprit  —  Cruising design: bowsprits past and present  —  Rigging matters: refurbishing an aging furler  —  Creative alternatives: keel on wheels

Lighter fare:  Night passages: tactics that help the dark hours pass lightly  —  Readers’ favorite boat pictures  —  Explore that world through sailor’s YouTube channels  —  Cruising memories:  magic moments recalled  —  Protection for fiberglass countertops  —  Cutting out old caulking  —  Stirring paint without the splatter  —  An object of devotion:  a sailboat evokes a certain kind of emotion

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May/June 2017 Issue Highlights

Review boat:  Hunter 30

Speaking seriously:  Making peace with varnish  —  DIY: build a watermaker  —  Nav light design considerations  —  Hazards of marina swimming  —  Adventures in anchoring  —  Columbia 29 refit  —  Overhead replacement

Lighter fare:  DIY dinghy covers  —  Portable solar cockpit lighting  —  Make a deck key  —  Lessons from the birds  —  Build a sea chest  —  Scenes from a sailing season

Click the following link for the  Table of Contents Issue #114

July/August 2017 Issue Highlights

  • Fiona McGlynn offers a bottom-cleaning primer
  • The immutable pull of the sea stirs Butch Evans
  • Allen Penticoff reviews the sprightly Spirit 28 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • DIY: Paul Esterle adds an effective dual-fuel-filter system that doesn’t break the bank
  • Don Davies feels only joy for the sailor who enjoys the sweet seasons life offers
  • Drew Frye sings the praises of fishing underway with a Cuban yo-yo, Cliff Moore fashions an autopilot riser, and Gregg Nestor creates cowl screens
  • Robin Urquhart gets to the bottom of a puzzling overheating cause—what he found surprised us all
  • Plus a really big announcement . . . and much more

View or Download the Table of Contents Issue #115

September/October 2017 Issue Highlights

  • Tom Wells cuts 19 inches off the bottom of his keel and lives to tell about it (and in a companion piece Rob Mazza tells us why)
  • Balmar makes big alternator performance claims and David Lynn puts them to the test
  • Robert Lovell reviews the Viking 33 and Rob Mazza offers a different kind of design comparison
  • DIY: Repair grommets without sewing and turn a winch handle into a handy mount
  • Teak decks on a San Juan 28? Paul Brogger shows us one way to make that happen
  • Tom Young rips the cockpit out of his 1961 Alden Challenger yawl and rebuilds it from scratch — the result is a work of nautical art of the highest order
  • Fiona McGlynn shares her classy moves for sailing on and off an anchor
  • Plus lessons from a near dismasting, a cockpit enclosure study, water-cooled refrigeration, an action-packed readers’ photos gallery, and more!

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November – December  2017 Issue Highlights

  • Dan Spurr and Dick Enersen tell us more about the two great sailboat designers we lost recently, Glen L Witt and Doug Peterson
  • Spring lines for singlehanders? Dave Taylor shows us how
  • Gregg Nestor reviews the Pearson 323 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • DIY: Build a dinghy floor and see that making handrails is insanely simple
  • You’ll want to join Ryan’s Club too after reading about Frank Falcone pushing his grandson away from the dock in a boat they built together
  • Jerry Thompson confesses the consequences of his trailer wheel bearing maintenance shortcomings and repents with information every trailerboat sailor can use
  • Paul and Arlie Clegg tame their un-stayed headsail with a snuffer they made themselves—got a bucket handy?
  • Plus companionway doors, spring lines, a tiller-pilot tether, bottom paint stripping, and more!

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