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January/February  2021 Issue Highlights

  • The happiest day! Several writers cover the topics of sailboat buying and selling
  • In part 2 of a 2-part story, Bert Vermeer circumnavigates Vancouver Island
  • Ronnie Simpson refits a Peterson 34…for speed
  • Andy Cross takes us along on a race that has us all intrigued: the R2AK
  • Johnny Clarke reviews the Beneteau Oceanis 351, Rob Mazza compares it to others
  • A mast falls and the real adventure begins; Megan Downey on the insurance claim
  • Plus: Coosa Board to the rescue, bow lights for sailboats, and much more…

March/April  2021 Issue Highlights

  • John Herlig celebrates the joy of sailing beneath the stars
  • Wine tasting under sail—Kelley Gudahl buzzes up and down Long Island
  • Three notable sailors re-make three Pearson 36s – George DuBose, Sailing Uma and Onne van der Wal
  • Rob Lovell reviews the Alberg 37, Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • A deadly calm is nearly just that, in a harrowing tale by B. Davies
  • Plus: Panel fenders, DIY cleaners, cockpit speakers, and much more…

May/June  2021 Issue Highlights

  • John Vigor celebrates the joys and importance of a chainstopper
  • An anchor ring! Damon Gannon explains how this simple magic tool works
  • Bert Vermeer seeks to bring Pixie home…no good deed goes unpunished
  • Drew Frye and Alvah Simon consider the merits of a forgotten anchor
  • Brandon Ford reviews the Passport 42, Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • Ed Zacko refits a Nor’Sea 27…and finds lots of bad metal
  • Plus: Windlass installations, yawing, catenary, and much more…

July/August  2021 Issue Highlights

  • Don Casey in the house! Fiona McGlynn offers a fascinating profile of a legend
  • Cliff Moore takes us on a New Jersey to North Carolina cruise full of history
  • David Popken re-pipes his boat with PEX, and shares all the details
  • Bert Vermeer reviews the Tartan 3400, Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • A spray hood was needed, and Tom Alley built one from scratch
  • Plus: DIY trailer boat lift, a near dismasting, a new traveler, and much, much more . . .

September/October  2021 Issue Highlights

  • Andy Cross reviews the C&C Redline 41 Mk I; Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • “Shanghaied” aboard a tourist schooner, Don Davies was handed the wheel. It was a voyage you won’t soon forget
  • In the disaster-narrowly-averted category, Hall Wells describes his encounter with a bridge on the Piscataqua River
  • Drew Frye shows us how to build a better bungee, maintain our vinyl windows, and make our old, dingy cordage look nearly new
  • How many people can say they’ve built the same boat twice? Ed Zacko Read his re-fit story, “An Encore for Entr’acte
  • Got a leaky hatch? Fiona McGlynn walks us through the steps to re-bed one
  • Plus much, much more . . .

November/December  2021 Issue Highlights

  • Christopher Birch builds a better knife rack
  • Raccoon aboard! Kimberly Boneham confronts a stowaway
  • Dr. Chuck Radis recalls an abandoned boat’s final voyage
  • Allen Penticoff reviews the Sabre 38 Mk1, Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • Kodiak Island to Baranof Island; Andy Cross shares an Alaskan adventure
  • Rob Mazza remembers Laser-designer Bruce Kirby
  • Plus: a second cockpit ignition switch, tips for staying cozy in the cabin, installing new winches, and much, much more…

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