Author: Michael Maxfield

Sail Tales: Book Review

  According to author Robert Engel, “Sail Tales is about the adventures a humble sailboat owner had over the years.” Spanning 43 years of sailing — and still going strong — he’s had plenty enough adventures to select...

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Ready to Sail: Book Review

Are you planning — or even just dreaming — of an offshore passage and aren’t entirely sure where to start or what to do to prepare for this daunting adventure? Don’t fret: you’re not the first, you’re not...

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Endless Sea: Book Review

Isn’t it funny how good moods are so often the product of what we perceive internally when we accomplish simple objectives, not of what we actually see outside? Can this be true even when it’s freezing, a huge...

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On the Wind: Book Review

Norman Fortier, born in 1922, was still a youngster when he became interested in photography. Drafted into the military during World War II, he became an aerial photographer and honed his photography skills during the war before...

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