I’ve just gotten back from an exciting cruising adventure from Japan to New Zealand, but I never left our cabin near the Chesapeake. I’ve just read Tere Batham’s new book, Cruising Japan to New Zealand, and followed along as she and her husband, Michael, with young novice Japanese crew, Miki, traveled from Japan’s Southern Archipelago to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Along the way there are numerous and fascinating stops in Hong Kong and Macau, the Philippines, Micronesia, the Solomon’s Islands, and New Caledonia.

Miki and the Bathams get glimpses of the remaining vestiges of dying South Sea cultures and explore untouched coral atolls. They face heavy weather at sea as well as doldrums, and they visit places few yachts go in Micronesia.

Cruising Japan to New Zealand is a cruising story with a coming-of-age story nestled within. Young and beautiful Miki, arrives as crew just 24 hours before the Bathams ‘scheduled departure from Japan. Escaping from an arranged marriage and a culture that is un-accepting of women adventurers, she has the adventure of her life and learns how to cope through hardships and how to enjoy the beauty around her.

Full color photos and beautifully drawn charts add even more depth to the story.

Adventure, beauty, fruitfulness, and hardship fill this 14-month 10,000-mile voyage. Tere Batham weaves this great story with spirit, clarity, and color. Curl up on your settee and read Cruising Japan to New Zealand. It will have you dreaming of adventure.

Cruising Japan to New Zealand br Tere Batham (Sheridan House, 2004; 275 pages)