… I realized with a pang of joy that in spite of all that has changed in the world … that a boat can still take you to places that have remained virtually untouched.
– Jimmy Cornell

Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Destinations is a valuable in-depth reference book written by an extremely knowledgeable and passionate sailor. Intent on providing readers the most pertinent information available, he succeeds in delivering a multitude of data in an organized volume, making it easy for cruisers, and those planning or even dreaming of sailing to the world’s cruising destinations, to plan their cruise, choose a destination, and begin preparing for the adventure.

Twelve main sections cover all the countries or groups of islands visited by cruisers, no matter what the frequency of those visits. Using charts, maps, beautiful color photos, and detailed documentation, Jimmy covers:

  • Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • Northern Europe
  • Western Europe and North Atlantic Islands
  • West Africa and South Atlantic Islands
  • The Caribbean
  • North and Central America
  • South America
  • North Pacific Islands
  • South Pacific
  • South East and East Asia
  • North Indian Ocean and Red Sea
  • South Indian Ocean

Most readers will find it beneficial to first read the section titled “About This Book.” In this section the author gives readers the blueprint to understanding what is covered in each subsequent section of the book. Included are:

  • Country profile — history, government, population
  • Climate — including storm season charts
  • Ports of entry — all official ports of entry are listed
  • Formalities — documents required, visas, cruising permits, arrival and departure procedures
  • Facilities — general information
  • Charters — types available
  • Cruising guides — as of publication date
  • Websites — List general information
  • Useful Information — emergency information for the local area
  • Flag etiquette — Q flag and courtesy flag
  • Environmental protection — tips relative to each area, regarding avoiding destruction of the environment
  • The right attitude — it’s all about respect
  • Safety and piracy — monitor and awareness of areas known for piracy
  • Cruising rallies — offer choice of sailing in a group

As readers turn from one location section to another, they will find all the information is formatted in the same manner, which simplifies navigating this 432-page book and makes comparisons between countries and regions an uncomplicated task.

“Health Precautions Worldwide” is another section packed with useful information for any cruiser planning to sail in foreign waters. Readers will find information on diseases and vaccinations, the sun (strength and sunburn risk), and how to find out more up-to-date health information on the Internet.

An extensive listing of cruising guides available for most areas is included as well. This isn’t a surprise as Jimmy Cornell seems to think of everything in this well-written and compiled World Cruising Destinations guide, in which he covers every location from A to Z, and everything in between.

World Cruising Destinations by Jimmy Cornell (International Marine/McGraw-Hill, 2010; 432 pages)