Clarence Jones has always been a sailor and do-it-yourselfer. He describes himself as a writer/mechanic/inventor/tinkerer. Your choice. His inventions have been installed in a MacGregor 21 and 25, a Precision 18 and 21 and, most recently, a Catalina 28. He’s written several articles for Good Old Boat and more are in the hopper.

His e-book of published articles (including those in Good Old Boat) is a nice little collection of projects for trailerable and not-so-trailerable sailboats, based on projects he’s done on his own boats over the years.

I downloaded the PDF file to my iPad and took it on our summer cruise. I especially liked the articles on snagging the dock and Clarence’s mast-raising system. Clarence is a good writer with creative ideas for getting things done simply and inexpensively. He chooses materials that are easy to find at the local hardware and big box stores that don’t require a bank loan prior to purchase.

Sailboat Projects is a lot like a supplemental copy of Good Old Boat magazine. Download it to your computer or reader-type device and take it on your next cruise for inspiration.

Sailboat Projects by Clarence Jones (Winning News Media, 2012; 93 pages)