In the 1970s Gene and Josie Evans cruised from San Diego to Costa Rica and beyond to Cocos Island and the Galapagos Islands and then home again. The cruise lasted two years as they stopped to smell the roses along the way down followed by a non-stop homeward passage north to San Diego. As a Hollywood-based cinematographer, Gene recorded their voyage on 16 mm film and sold the movie as 600 Days to Cocos Island.

The folks at TheSailingChannel.TV worked with the Evans’ son, Ronn Letterman (who sailed with the couple for part of the voyage) to restore and remaster a surviving 16 mm print to HD, giving it new life for the digital age. This wonderful film had been out of general circulation for some time, with only a few used VHS copies popping up on Amazon and EBay at outrageous prices.

This video offers today’s viewers an honest look at the much simpler lifestyle of the previous generation of cruisers, those who inspired so many of today’s sailors and dreamers. Gene was the cinematographer for many Hollywood movies including Roots, the first modern television mini-series. Using his professional talents, Gene shot excellent coverage of the voyage. In the editing process, he and Josie created a highly visual story with an intriguing narrative. You’ll feel like a crew member on the voyage.

600 Days is part of TheSailingChannel.TV’s growing Classic Cruising Collection. Other wonderful additions include Beyond the West Horizon with Eric and Susan Hiscock; Cruising Has No Limits with Lin and Larry Pardey; Transatlantic with Street with Don Street; Around the World with Jean-du-Sud with Yves Gelinas; and four videos that make up The Voyages of Entr’acte with Ed and Ellen Zacko. The Zackos are now Good Old Boat contributing editors and continue to sail Entr’acte, their Nor’Sea 27, many decades after they created their first video.

All of these classic videos are worth downloading and watching. With today’s Internet technology TheSailingChannel.TV is able to keep the price affordable — less than half the cost of a DVD — and convenient. You can watch online on any device including computer, smart phone, tablet, and smart TV. You can download a copy to take sailing with you.

Along with all the others, I recommend 600 Days to Cocos Island highly. The two-part production repeats perhaps too much material on the second part but then moves forward with the second half of the voyage. Step aboard with Gene and Josie Evans and embrace their simpler lifestyle. You’ll be made to feel right at home aboard.

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600 Days to Cocos Islands, a feature film about a two-year voyage by Gene and Josie Evans; viewed on Vimeo through, 155 minutes)