Whether you are a regular reader or recently found us, we are glad you are here. We want to make sure that every sailor has some quality reading to enjoy during this time so we’re giving our March/April 2020 issue away for free. Enjoy!

March/April 2020 issue highlights:

  • A sailboat changes a life! Elizabeth Masserang tells the story of finding north
  • Drew Frye distills comprehensive battery knowledge and David Lynn demystifies equalization
  • Brian Fagan on the art of writing a quality cruising guide
  • A custom inner-spring berth mattress anyone can afford; Jim Shell shows how it’s done
  • Gregg Nestor reviews the Gulfstar 39 and Rob Mazza offers his design comparison
  • Explore the Mingan Archipelago with Benoit Fleury as your guide
  • Plus: cabin heat, instrument bezel cheat, emergency running lights, and more!