What would you like to be when you grow up? Annabel knows that she wants to be a sailor. Any kid who is attracted to the sea will love to read Captain Annabel. It’s an excellent book for children from age 3 to third grade, sailor or non-sailor, boy or girl.

As Annabel grows up she moves from one job to the next, learning all that she can about boats. And what a great ending when Annabel pilots her new tugboat into her homeport with the name Papa painted on the bow.

The illustrations of boats are proportional and looked nice while I was reading. As Annabel grows up, it’s nice to see her father grow older with her. Also, the cameo pictures within the illustrations were cool, and the reappearing cats and seals were fun to find.

Captain Annabel is a calm book, but it is still interesting — just like the sea.

Captain Annabel by Neal Evan Parker (Down East Books, 2004; 32 pages)