Perhaps we all hold the interface between land and sea as a special place. I certainly do. Photographer Michael Kahn clearly does as well. Michael has just released a coffee table book with scenes taken at the water’s edge.

The sepia-tone prints in Michael’s annual calendars take your breath away, as did those in his earlier coffee table book, The Spirit of Sailing: A celebration of Sea and Sail, published in 2004. Now 11 years later, he has released a second work of art showing the enchantment of the dunes, the rippled sands, the rocks and pebbles, the surf, the endless sky, and the riveting mirror images that occur in moments of absolute calm.

For those who are taken with his sailing photographs, Michael also includes a section of the photos you’ve come to associate with this master craftsman: traditional sails, rigging, ships, and the sailors who run these vessels.

If you already know the name Michael Kahn, you will want his newest book. If you are unfamiliar with Michael’s work, paging through this book will make you a fan.

Over the Dunes by Michael Kahn (Brilliant, 2015, 140 pages)