The art of tying knots is many centuries old. From sailors to mountaineers, from riggers to rescue workers, knots have been intimate companions for many professions.What better way to edify this old art than to have it condensed in one volume that illustrates every aspect of the art of making knots.

Lindsey Philpott, a rigger and teacher of contemporary marlinespike seamanship as well as a forensic expert of knot analyses in criminal cases, has written a marvelous book that captures the art of tying. The volume is beautifully designed and makes a fabulous piece of art that deserves to occupy any coffee table.

The book consists of a wonderful cornucopia of rare and exotic decorative knots. It contains 1,600 colored illustrations of every existing knot, starting with flat knots and ending with yacht wheel marker knots.

Philpott’s book begins with a brief history of tying that dates back to at least 380,000 years. In addition, it covers every knot that ever existed from all over the world, making it a distinct treasure chest saturated with useful information for anyone who harbors interest in this artisanship. From jewelry, macramé and holiday decorations to covering knots, knob knots, ornamental knots, and flat knots, the volume makes the most daedal patterns look easy and fun to make.

This volume is comprehensive, yet clear and precise. It is intense, yet fun and entertaining. From braids to plaits to sinnets, this book will take the reader on a panoramic journey to the land of knots through step-by-step instructions for tying hundred of types of knots both useful and artistic. It will also furnish the reader with directions to find the correct tools, materials, and the specialty shops that carry them. The chapters flow smoothly and deliver a significant amount of information that covers the whole gamut of knot land. It also contains a terrific glossary and a clear index that will help you find the knot of your choice.

The book is a terrific and thorough reference on knots, and will make a great read for sailors, mountaineers, rock climbers, firefighters, rescue workers, linesmen, riggers, campers, and anyone who has an interest in tying knots. It will even arouse interest in the knot indifferent.

The Ultimate Book of Decorative Knots By Lindsey Philpott, (Skyhorse, 2010; 627 Pages)