Boatbuilders, a rich legacy for “the rest of us”


Boatbuilders is a collection of articles published by Good Old Boat about the people and the companies that built our good old sailboats 10, 20, 30, and more years ago. Building on one design trend after another over the years, each of these companies played a significant role in the evolution of the cruising sailboats we treasure today.



Based on the example set by the automobile industry, our boatbuilders must have assumed that the sailboats they were building would not last and that design trends would become dated and obsolete. Because fiberglass was so new at the time, they had no idea they were building the classics we would still value today.

Our boatbuilders left us a rich legacy. Those of us who sail a good old boat today owe them our greatest respect and gratitude.

Please come along with us on a trip down Memory Lane. You are your boat will find these true tales to be fascinating reading.

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