Fun on the Foam


Fun on the Foam includes 12 of Tom Well’s more light-hearted and humorous songs. Tunes and lyrics seem to pour from Tom’s brain and flow into his guitar strings and computer keyboard. Funny things happen when sailing and Tom has captured the humor in them all. You’ll surely recognize yourself or someone you know when you listen and chuckle along with Tom. In fact, it’s OK if you break out with an occasional hearty laugh.

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For sailor Tom Wells, music is the mainstay. A thought, a conversation, or a fleeting idea may result in a quick composition. He writes the lyrics and music in a matter of minutes when an idea strikes and many of these on-the-spot songs end up in his repertoire. His love of sailing and understanding of the sailing life shine through. But in spite of frequent requests for CDs, none of the songs in Tom’s growing repertoire had been recorded until now. Songs on this recording include: Born to Sail, Fourth of June, Beer Can Racer, Sailor’s Last Request, The Sailing Wife, Boat Show, B-O-A-T, Good Old Boat, I Love Sailing, Parrot Heads in the Winter, Inland Sailor, and The Spinnaker.

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Click on the song titles to listen to audio samples: Fun on the Foam, The Sailing Wife, Parrot Heads in the Winter, The Spinnaker.

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