Nine of Cups Provisioning Spreadsheet


World circumnavigator Marcie Connelly Lynn says: “I use an Excel spreadsheet for making our provisioning list if I need to provision for more than a couple of days. There’s a column for entering our current inventory on hand, a column for what I estimated we would need per week, and a column for the number of weeks for which we were provisioning. The ‘buy’ quantity is automatically calculated, for example: C – (D x E) = F. Column F is formatted so that minus quantities — those we need to buy — print in red, making them easy to see. Once completed, print out the spreadsheet and use it as your master shopping list.”




Although it was created to keep things straight before a long passage, you’re likely to find that this handy Excel spreadsheet works for your provisioning needs no matter the length of your vacation. Provisioning and this spreadsheet were explained in detail in an article Marcie wrote for the January 2016 issue of Good Old Boat.


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