Rigging: Spars, cables, blocks, ropes, and rails


Sailboat rigging

Here’s what it takes to keep the mast up and your sailboat seaworthy. This collection of articles features the cordage, cable, and hardware necessary for sailboats.

All articles were published in Good Old Boat magazine beginning with our first issue in 1998 through the end of 2015.



A sailboat is nothing more than a powerboat if it lacks the mast and rigging necessary to carry sails. The lines and cables, the winches and tracks, and the spots where this equipment pierces the deck . . . a sailboat is a complicated vessel indeed. Perhaps that’s why we love them so.

There’s much to learn about each sailboat’s rig; some is specific to that boat, some is generic to most boats. All of it requires that the sailor understand how it works and how to monitor and maintain it. That’s why we, at Good Old Boat, developed this collection of articles for sailors.

We focus on spars, standing rigging, and running rigging. We write of lifelines and the bow pulpit, stern rails, and stanchions that support them. We didn’t forget pilot rails at the mast, mast boots and mast steps, nor blocks and tackles, rope clutches, winches and chainplates. There are vang/preventer systems, rigging terminals, twin backstays, bowsprits and bumpkins, and boom gallows. Also caring for rope, rig inspection and replacement, and so much more.

We hope you’ll find just the information you’re looking for.

This collection includes 43 articles in 159 pages.

Complete downloadable file is approximately 42MB


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