Review Boats 28- to 30-footers


Starting alphabetically with the Alberg 30 and ending with the Willard Horizon 30 motorsailer, there’s something here for everyone! There’s a Bristol, a Catalina, and an Islander. We have an Aloha, an O’Day, and a couple of Pearsons.



When we started Good Old Boat magazine in 1998, a 30-foot Cape Dory was on the cover. Over the years we’ve wandered a bit, reviewing much smaller boats and much larger boats, but the average length of boats covered in our magazine has always been remained right around 28 to 30 feet. We’ve had complaints from the big boat sailors when we’ve run a small boat review. And we’ve had complaints from the small boat sailors when we’ve run a big boat review. But no one has ever complained about reviews of the boats in this collection, the ubiquitous 28- to 30-footers. There’s probably a reason for that.

Everyone, it seems, has had one in the family . . . or will have one.

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