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Buying a Sailboat

In the market for a sailboat? We can help! Good Old Boat has always focused on the affordable dream, whether your dream is to trailer sail the continent, cross oceans, or sail the coasts and lakes near your home. This collection of articles will help you sort through your options and find answers

All articles were published in Good Old Boat magazine beginning with our first issue in 1998 through the end of 2015.



Buying a Sailboat

You’ll see them at boat shows, in marinas, and in the boating section of the neighborhood bookstore. They’re a bit starry-eyed, focused as they are on somewhere and someday.

Some are just getting started as sailors. Some are returning to an activity they enjoyed back before there were kids to raise and mortgages to pay. They’re all on the same mission, even if the goals are widely varied: it’s time to buy a boat. If you’re one of them, you’ll know.

Some are looking for a trailerable that they can take anywhere. Some are looking for a world cruiser that can take them anywhere. Some are looking for a coastal cruiser for weekends on the coast or a nearby lake. There’s a sailboat that’s right for every dream. And there will be more dollars left over for that dream if the sailboat they choose is a good old boat. At Good Old Boat magazine, we speak often of the “affordable dream.”

Our magazine focuses on the projects sailors do to make their (new-to-them) sailboats comfortable and seaworthy. Some used boats need a little work. Some need a lot. In either case, an investment of your own time is paid back many times over due to the familiarity you gain with your sailboat’s systems and construction.

This collection of articles published by Good Old Boat from our beginnings in 1998  through the end of 2015 will help you sort through the decisions involved in buying your dream boat. It will also review a few alternatives for stretching your dollars: boat partnerships and other ways to share vessels. For spice, we’ve added a bit about surveyors and brokers, delivery by land or sea, and even a couple of articles about preparing your boat for sale.

We hope you’ll subscribe. It is our goal to help you as an owner and caretaker of your good old boat over the years to come. Welcome aboard! There are so many dreams. What’s yours?

This collection includes 51 articles in 175 pages.

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