2001 (#19) Jul/Aug


Issue #19, July/August 2001.

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Boats in this issue include a refit of Mustang (the New York 32 previously owned by Rod Stephens), the Lord Nelson 35 as feature boat, and the Catalina 27 as review boat. Ted Brewer discusses shoal draft (centerboards, leeboards, fin-keelers, and so on). We’ve got the first of two articles on marine metals by Mark Smaalders, a bronze portlight refit by Armand Stephens, a berth conversion by Donald Bodemann, and a do-it-yourself lazy-jack piece by Guy Stevens. (It would seem that if you want to be in Good Old Boat, it helps if your name is Stevens or Stephens. Truly that is not the case!) Karen Larson does a piece on the Plastic Classic in San Francisco, Roy Kiesling tells us not to trust our GPS time signal if accuracy counts, and Welshman Geoffrey Toye tells us about stovetop cooking making Welsh cakes. Herbert Davies profiles three female writers, and we do a close-up profile of Matella Manufacturing, maker of very fine stanchions. Paul Kelly’s art takes your breath away, and Leslie Fournier and Jay Fraser write about small-budget cruising. The Quick and Easy projects include a forward hatch ventilation solution, a method for releasing frozen seacocks, a design for a cockpit table big enough to hold your dinner plates, and a way to get back out of the water without having one of those cumbersome and flimsy plastic ladders. There’s more of course: book reviews, opinions, reflections. This issue is one of the editors’ favorites.

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