2001 (#16) Jan/Feb


Issue #16, January/February 2001.

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We kick off our fourth volume (Yes indeed, Volume 4, Number 1 already!) with a review of the Allied Seawind II and an overview of Catalina Yachts (this one’s meant to be a company history of a manufacturer of good old boats, but it is also a work in process since Frank Butler and his gang continue to produce fine boats of many sizes). Tom Beard tells us what happens when you press the button on an EPIRB, Peter Baumgartner begins the first of a two-part series on the refit of his Cape Dory 27, and Aubrey Millard tells of the modifications he and his wife, Judy, made to make an Ontario 32 fit for sea (and fit it was — so far this one’s cruised the Great Lakes, crossed the Atlantic, and been knocked about in the North Sea). Mark Parker is onto something new in the way of teak decks, check out his report, Ike Harter finishes his story of Seven Bells, Pat Vojtech tells about Chesapeake Bay’s skipjack fleet, particularly the rescue of the Rebecca T. Ruark, and Nancy Christensen fills the center spread with her dreamy pastels of seaside scenes. Don Launer tells why he likes schooners and what you call all those extra lines and sails, and Good Old Boat editors explain how they got involved in a regatta on the Chesapeake, even though the magazine’s not into racing. Really it’s not. Really. We’ve got the poor man’s diesel installation by George Snyder, cyber saints building boating communities on the ‘Net by Susan Peterson Gateley, and our usual quick and easy projects: oar renewal, a clever dinghy mount for the stern of the boat and at the dock too, and a way to lengthen the life of the head seat hinge. On the Reflections page, Charles Duhon writes of a friend who lost his interest in sailing after a freak boating accident. We’ll leave you to ponder the fragility of life until the next issue.

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