Voyages in Desperate Times


In the early days of World War II, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard were woefully short of vessels to fight the battle with German U-boats along the U.S. East Coast, a battle the United States was rapidly losing. Having no other option, the government hastily commandeered private power and sailing yachts and sent them out into the North Atlantic to locate submarines and rescue survivors of the carnage.

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by Jule Miller

In a war story seldom repeated, German submarines patrolled the U.S. East Coast and sank coastal vessels as well as ships delivering products and materiel to the Allied war effort. While this is a fictional account of what happened, it is based very closely on historical events.

When commandeered for Coast Guard duty, the 54-foot schooner yacht, Tiger Lillie, instantly became Coast Guard Reserve Vessel 3114. The regulations required Ensign Nicholas Worth and his six-man crew to repeatedly take her out into the Atlantic that winter and spring but, as the old Coast Guard axiom says, the regulations did not require them to come back.

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