So Long, Foxtrot Charlie


Foxtrot Charlie just wants to get along with his foster family. But sometimes, being an ordinary 13-year-old boy gets him into trouble, messes, explosions, accidents, and it seems the harder he tries, the more he fails. Just when he thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Foxtrot finds himself lost at sea with his foster father, foster sister, and friend.

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by John Vigor

With the lives of three other people in the balance, Foxtrot Charlie is faced with a challenge that he simply cannot afford to fail.

This young adult novel is ideal for children ages 8-12, but is captivating enough for the whole family to enjoy. This is the final of three books available from author John Vigor.

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Includes PDF file with CD cover.

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Unabridged. Approximately 3.8 hours listening time. Read by Theresa Meis, with an introduction by John Vigor. Download Zip file ( about 71 megabytes.