A Matter of Honor


A Matter of Honor is the first of the Cutler Family Chronicles, a brilliant new naval historical fiction series by William C. Hammond. The well-researched series will delight fans of Patrick O’Brian books. What sets this historical fiction apart is its focus on the Napoleonic Wars from the perspective of the United States.

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by William C. Hammond

The American Revolution is the daily reality in this story of a Massachusetts teenager who ships out with John Paul Jones to avenge the death of his beloved brother Will, who was taken by force by the Royal Navy and flogged to death for striking a king’s officer.

On the high seas, in England and France, on the sugar islands of the Caribbean, as well as on the battlefield of Yorktown, Richard Cutler proves his mettle and wins the love of a beautiful English aristocrat from the very arms of Horatio Nelson himself while also earning the admiration and allegiance of many in the new republic of the United States.

The Cutler Family Chronicles continues with the titles (available from Amazon) For Love of Country, The Power and the Glory,  A Call to Arms, How Dark the Night, and So Great a Sacrifice, all published by the Naval Institute Press.

Unabridged. Approximately 17.1 hours listening time. Read by Spencer King. Download Zip file (Honor.zip): about 235 megabites.

Hear an audio sample of this book: 5:00 minutes, 2.8 MB.

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