Choosing the Right Boat


This article in our March 2004 issue, offers a spread sheet for turning your boat selection process into something less subjective and more objective.

The spreadsheet is an example for your use.
You’ll note that where formulas are required (such as for the capsize formula and comfort index), the formulas are worked out for you once you type in the proper specifications for the boat you’re considering. There is already example data in these files. You have to remove it and add your own.

The example provided by author Ray Rippel is for a Spencer 35 and the “highly desirable items” are Ray’s list of what’s important. You’ll have to read Ray’s article in the March issue and apply your own criteria to make this formula-style approach work for you. If this method helps you in your search, consider it a gift from Ray and from Good Old Boat. Happy boat searching!

Here’s the form you need:

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