Equinox at rest
...at a mooring in Gulfport, Florida
Equinox underway
...outbound on the lower Potomac River
Equinox interior
...galley, looking aft
Equinox interior
...salon, looking aft.
by RJ Bennett
Published: April 12, 2022 (3 months ago)
St. Petersburg, FL

Plans for were drawn in 1947, but this boat was launched on March 11, 2000. Equinox is a meticulously built and lovingly maintained Francis Herreshoff design made of locally harvested, air-dried cypress on yellow pine frames with mahogany trim. Displacing 12 tons, she draws 5.5 feet and is comfortably stable in almost any weather.

My wife and I lived aboard aboard this “little ship” (as the designer called it) and cruised the east and Gulf coasts for ten years, but we are getting old, and she needs a fresh crew. $39,000. St. Petersburg, FL.

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